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Land & Investments

Investments in agriculture and other sectors that require land may be essential for economic development and food security, but what are the costs and benefits for local landholders and the environment?

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Private sector tool to guide through manuals and best practices on responsible land-based investments

Explore lessons learned on responsible land investments from over 5 years.


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In Indonesian Borneo, a succession of extractive industries multiplies impacts, social fractures

13 June 2022

Much of the landscape of Indonesia’s East Kalimantan province has been transformed, its formerly vast forests razed for logging, monocrop agriculture and open-cast coal mining. A recently published study analyzes how waves of extractive industries have affected the inhabitants of one village in the…

Sumatra palm plantations the usual suspects as unusual burning razes peatlands

2 June 2022

Fires have swept through large swaths of peatland forest in the western part of Indonesia’s Sumatra Island since the start of the year, an area that usually sees much smaller, controlled fires. Environmental activists say they suspect the fires might be linked to palm oil companies with plantations…

Hundreds of Ede families in Vietnam demonstrate to demand land from forestry company

1 June 2022

Main photo: A screenshot of a video of villagers in Lang village, Ea Pok town, Cu Mgar district in south-central Vietnam's Dak Lak province who have been proesting since mid-May to reclaim about 40 hectares of arable land from a forestry company. (Protesters' Facebook page). Hundreds of ethnic…


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Ant & Carrie Coleman, "Paddy fields"

Investment Governance in Cambodia: A Window of Opportunity

25 May 2022

Cambodia’s new investment law could open the way for more inclusive, sustainable investment. In a series of virtual meetings, stakeholders from across Cambodia came together to assess the challenges and opportunities arising from that law and investment governance generally. This blog has been…

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Whose Land? - Inclusive Pathways to Land Governance

26 April 2022

How can civil society actors ensure inclusivity in their land governance work with communities? Tuesday, 26 April, 2022  10:00-11:30 AM CEST | 15:00-16:30 PM JAKARTA Both ENDS and the Land Portal Foundation held the first webinar in the Whose Land? -  Inclusive Pathways to Land Governance…